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Our fascination and enthusiasm in dealing with water is perceptible. This is reflected in our products and our work. AIM Water Shows release emotions and fill the audience with enthusiasm. This basic idea, connected with our love of perfection and detail, permits us to offer you something very special: brilliant water shows looks back on long-standing experience in dealing with water. This force of nature has shown us many times that an unbelievable power starts out from it. This power can be devastating, as for example when natural disasters happen. But in contrast, when used playfully, very emotional and moving sights can result from this power. However, these sights obtain their fascination from this very connection between the element’s unbelievable force and its delicacy.

As a layer of the consortium PowerLightsAugsburg, which has established itself as a specialist in the area of special effects, multimedial, laser and water shows, this new brand will exclusively deal with water show technology. is a provider and manufacturer of water spectaculars, water theatres, dancing fountains, water effects, water screens, water curtains, hydro screens and water jets.